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My concept My concept

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This was just fantastic. I had no clue that there was someone out there, who could create something as wonderful as the great classical, and romantic composers at the young age of 18. In the united states, it is very rare that you will find a child who is able to create anything beautiful like this. The fact that your 18 just makes it better. you have far more talent then my entire composition program through masters. Maybe even doctoral. you are truly a genius, and definitely a prodigy. This was magnificent. I look foward to hear more from you. Favorited, downloaded and 5/5 10/10 :)

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Aria di Mezzo Carattere [WIP] Aria di Mezzo Carattere [WIP]

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4 hours. really? lol I tried doing this and it took me about 8 for the length that you had, and I just had string quartet lol. Maybe I'm just slow, but I also did it by ear (did you). lol Good job none the less. :)

CelestOrion responds:

I have to do it by ear. There's no midi's of this that I'm aware of xD. Glad to know you liked it!

mario mario mario... mario! mario mario mario... mario!

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you have something

you have something going on here, but I think some of your piano articulations need to be fixed, you have a bass line that overpowers the melody at times, and it doesn't seem to fit. also there are parts that don't seem like mario I heard zelda and lord of the rings, then finally mario near the end. also the ending needs work. Now i know this sounds like everything is wrong. but those are just what I saw wrong, I really like the majority of it as a whole and individual parts :)

Calamaistr responds:

Im sorry if you didnt recognice it all but i really dont understand how you can hear zelda and of all things lotr in this..there is nothing of it in this track.

Also there is nothing wrong with the 'articulations' there is no 'bass line' its not how i make music, i use occasional contrapunt.

H C D M ft. land of castle H C D M ft. land of castle

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I really like this

I really liked a lot about this, except I don't think some of the high beeps really fit into it, other then that I think you have a really good think on your hands. keep it up :)

Calamaistr responds:

yea its not really my best work, i usually dont make symphonic music with fl, im new to that one.
You should check out my retro music from TTCX3 and Jetpack paladin :)

nocte minimal I nocte minimal I

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this in definitely interesting

I think you have something started, but I don't think the piano fully represents what I hear. I think I hear some sort of video game loop during the 16-bit era, I think with some orchestration you could have a pretty nifty tune

Calamaistr responds:

I think the main problem wás that i didnt have a decent piano in fl so i always had to make my music with fruity key's. :/

Currently this track has been redone. :)

Danger in the Town Danger in the Town

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Come all ye faithful meets narnia

haha the opening motif is come all a ye faithful in a minor key, the 2nd is from narnia, and you pretty much combine them both to make an awesome composition :) im not saying you stole them you did it in a way that it sounds similar without sounding ripped off good job keep it up I'm jealous of you :)

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camman007 responds:

lol wow interesting that you noticed those similiarities but yes as you said i didn't copy and definitely did not even think of these, the come all ye faithful made me laugh though lol but thanks for the review

In the Battle In the Battle

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this is really good :)

this is awesome I really like how it would work for a game or a movie :) I do agre the orchestral would be amazing, but right now its fine lol. Is there anyway I could see the score for this its really good and i'd love to see your orchestration :)

Ice Cream Man! Ice Cream Man!

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Overall I liked it

I really enjoyed it a lot the lyrics were awesome the music was awesome also, but I think rather then just saying the verses you should actually sing them when you sung the chorus its really good but I think the verses should have a melody to it otherwise it just doesn't seem right also at 00:26 you try using a note in a certain mode and i think it would be better off using the note half step or 2 above that give it a more smooth sound. these are just my suggestions and over all like I said i really though it was good :)

Toccata Toccata

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This is probably one of the best live recordings ive heard here on newgrounds. Composition wise its not flawless but its jaw dropping, and it definately inspired me.

what music school do you go to and what year are you, because im at arizona state in the composition school and I just started i hope I can even come close to something that good

keeps it up 5/5, 10/10, favorite

robomanus responds:

Thank you for good words :) I go to music school in Lodz, Poland and I'm 18 :D I'm working on some new compositions now, but they goes slowly. I have main idea, but everything in my mind now. However I will write everything soon. Thx for comment :)

Piano Nocturne Piano Nocturne

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this is spectacular

Im so motivated right now i understand more right now at what i need to be working on right now you are spectacular the audio quality is amazing and the song is moving its simple but thats what so great about it

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ProudAardvark responds:

Thanks so much sarias!