Entry #1

Classical Music Recomendations

2009-06-15 13:28:55 by sarias

So I did a blog up here a long time ago, and my musical tastes have changed so much in the last 3 years.

So music recommendations

Barber's String Quartet
Ravels String Quartet in F
Lucianno Berio's Sinfonia
Schonberg Pierrot Lunair and Verkalrte Knact
Mahlers 3rd Syphony
Corigliano: Mr Tamborine Man
Holst the Planets


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2009-08-11 00:17:14

You need some Bartok up there! Try the Second Violin Concerto, I think you'll love it if you give it a chance (It takes a few listens to get into but will be well worth it)